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Simple Environment
– , 2019-05-05

I’m a Un✪x shell and Vi[m] user since 1986 and after years, my environment settings become messy. I never have to clean up because I was the only one using it. … and it was so convenient.

But now, I’m about to persuade my colleague to use vim for better pair programming. We started with a newly created user on a macMini running OS X.

Quickly, it turns out that my beloved environment becomes a hurdle. Everything I want to show to my colleague doesn’t work (out of the box) on his machine. This was so annoying that I came to a hard, but I think healthful, decision.

I start my environment from scratch

  1. returned to bash from fish.
  2. empty .bashrc, .profile, and .vimrc.
  3. added the most needed configurations ans vim-plug ins only.
  4. made Gists for the files.

Compared to my grown environment settings, this seems to be almost empty and fits in my head again 😁.

Full read with links to gists