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Welcome to Altex's WebClient!

An Elixir/Phoenix/Liveview Scaffold, by Andreas Altendorfer

Based on mix --live --no-ecto

As of 3/2024, this is work in progess. The blog is more a playground and sandbox for the project than a blog of it's own sake.

If you want to make a suggestion or wanna post something, please fork from iboard/altex and make a pull request through Github.

Posts can be added to altex_iboard_cc/priv/posts/YYYY/MM-DD-Title.


is a bunch of independent mix projects which can be used in any Elixir and Phoenix application. It supports a clean architecture and well structured code.

These projects are …

Mix projects


ax_webclient depends on axrepo which depends on axentity. In ax_webclient it is sufficient to add axrepo to your deps() in mix.exs.

No database

Frankly, I think databases are something obsolete nowadays. For a simple web-application you usually don’t need one. Therefore we implemented a simple repository and entity pattern in axrepo and axentity.

Where an Entity is a wrapper around any leagel Elixir term and Repo can store them wherever you want.

For a simple scaffold, the filesystem and memory of a modern server is more than enough and with respond times less than 10ms, its also fast enough to store and serve our data.

dETS, Files

The following directories should exist in your runtime environment


For each “table”/“store” created in Altex.Repo you will find a corresponding file in these directories.

Altex WebClient

This here is a Phoenix 1.6 & Tailwind 3.0 application, using axentity and axrepo to store user, authentication, and profiles.

Other than that, we use dashbitco/nimble_publisher for our simple blog.