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Exconfig -- Configuration Cache For Elixir
– Andi, 2019-04-28

OBSOLETE! Today there are better ways to deal with your config.

Today, I wrote my fourth HEX-package and published it on “”.

When deploying via Docker-images I had some issues because the docker-image was compiled with System-ENVs which was used at compile-time and so was active when using the image for other customers.

I used System.get_env to set a configuration in config/prod.exs.

To safe me from this error in the future, I decided to use my own package to deal with configuration. Other than this, I want System-ENVs to overwrite any other configuration in any case.

To achieve this, I repaced all calls to System.get_env and Application.get_env with calls to Exconfig.get.

Because the Exconfig.Cache-server will not be running at compile-time, your app will not compile if you use settings meant to be valid at runtime.


Exconfig.get(:myapp, :key, "default value")

The function tries to read the given key ({:myapp, :key}) from the Cache. If it is not stored yet, it will try to read from Application.get_env/2, followed by System.get_env/2 and stores the value in the cache.

Use it in your mix-project

add it to your dependencies in mix.exs and run mix deps.get.

def deps do
    {:exconfig, "~> 0.1.0"}