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Obsidian, more than note taking
– Andi, 2022-02-28


Today, I learned about Obsidian and I’m excited about.

Over the last decades I tried a lot of note taking approaches. I liked them more less. Some I used for years, others failed after some months. And guess what, between switching these tools, I always came back to plain paper. Though the plain paper mutated to e-paper meanwhile.

Obsidian stands out at the first day of using it. Better to say, setting up my first idea of structured knowledge. My personal, structured knowledge.

First of all it is an eye-catcher for me, every time I see some concept is using the most simple data-format. And in case of notes this obviously is text and [[Markdown]].

Obsidian logo
Obsidian logo

There is a well structured web site to find out more about Obsidian. After one day of fiddling around with it and build some notes and links to begin with, I’m really looking forward using it for at least the next weeks.

A more detailed report will follow. Also, there are a lot of channels out there to dive into, just in case you’ll give it a try ;-)

After the first day

It is astounding how productive I was within the first day using Obsidian! I fully intuitively created the structure of my notes. The Graph View became my first friend and really, it looks like a ‘2nd brain’ ;-)

Also, I connected my iPad to use the same path via iCloud-Drive. The synchronisation works seamlessly and straight forward.

I’ll give it one or two weeks more before I’ll make a decision if to stay with it or not.

A dangerous kitchen, it may end where it ever ends. On plain old paper ==fears==