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Phoenix LiveView and Internet Explorer
– Andi, 2019-07-17

It is a pain and a shame that we still have to suffer from lousy browser implementation. But we do.

Lately, a big enterprise customer forces me to make a Phoenix.LiveView usable with Internet-Explorer 11 (because that’s the standard, they say)

Ok, no comments about that. Here is a Workaround:

Install some ‘npm-packages’

npm install --save --prefix assets mdn-polyfills \
   url-search-params-polyfill formdata-polyfill \

Patch your app.js

// IE11 Support for LiveView
import "mdn-polyfills/NodeList.prototype.forEach"
import "mdn-polyfills/Element.prototype.closest"
import "mdn-polyfills/Element.prototype.matches"
import "child-replace-with-polyfill"
import "url-search-params-polyfill"
import "formdata-polyfill"

//just before 
import "phoenix_html"


The ‘npm-packages’ adds some functions, missing in IE. That’s the important fix for IE. But other than that, there is a line in LiveView updating the class of the session-div accordingly to the connection state. When not connected, the class is phx-disconnected, and when the connection appears, it changes to phx-connected. In LiveView-code this is definitely an assign with “=” but IE seems to interpret it as “+=” and the class-definition ends up in being ‘phx-disconnected phx-connected’.

LiveView Javascript


602   showLoader(){
603     clearTimeout(this.loaderTimer)
604     this.el.classList = PHX_DISCONNECTED_CLASS
605 = "block"
606     let middle = Math.floor(this.el.clientHeight / LOADER_ZOOM)
607 = `-${middle}px`
608   }

The workaround handles this by selecting elements with both classes and removes the ‘phx-disconnected’ class. I know, this is ugly! I don’t want to do it, but I have to. Sure, patching the code in LiveView would be a better fix. However, patching good code to support bad code is a nogo for me. Better, I add this workaround just where I need it.

Add this at the end of app.js

// IE11 Workaround
function ie11Workaround()
    var targetDivArr = document.getElementsByClassName("phx-disconnected phx-connected");
        var targetDiv= targetDivArr[0];
setInterval(ie11Workaround, 100); // time in ms

No Comments please

Really, I hate this topic and don’t want discuss it. If you suffer from the same pain, feel free to use this workaround (without any kind of warranty).