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Learn Elixir With The Coding Gnome
– Andi, 2022-01-11

Learn Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView with Dave Thomas

Elixir for Programmers, 2nd edition

It is worth buying this amazing online course, by one of the best teachers you may find out there, Dave Thomas, The Coding Gnome.

At e-matrix we bought this excelent course twice because we think it is worth for every programmer to have this it their own shelf.

Extract the business logic

We like Dave’s approach to first implement a mix-project for the business-logic and then use this project as an dependency in an extra phoenix-application, instead of implementing the business logic within the phoenix-project.

Altex, a POC of this approach

You’re reading this post from a Phoenix-application. This simple blog is implemented from different mix-projects, working together as altex.